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LAVENDER DREAMS - I Dress For Applause

LAVENDER DREAMS - I Dress For Applause

  • by Shital Patel





Model- Halina Khan | Photography- Vinit Bhatt

Few days ago I was approached by the sweet people at Chhapa to review their collection. In today’s fast paced world where textiles are printed using high-end machines, this team’s ideology is to rejuvenate and encourage the art of block printing which looks endangered in the present-day fashion scenario. This step towards being socially responsible by producing eco-friendly clothing and reviving an old art form is commendable. I was surprised to know that the creative team at Chhapa does not come from a designing background as such, yet they have such great finesse in what they do. While their designs are modern, casual and contemporary, the block print adds an organic feel to their products bringing about the quirkiness.This editorial portrays a young successful fashionista and an art lover who likes to own quirky clothes but is conscious about the eco-friendly factor. I personally loved the maxi dresses and jumpsuits in this editorial (You know I'm a sucker for maxi dresses). This is something I would love to wear on a hot busy day or even to a fashion week, layering it with a summer jacket or a vest and a pair of cool sunglasses. Styling ideas are already popping up you see!

If you liked the collection, do visit their Website to buy it also you can get in touch with them on Facebook and Instagram .

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