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Meet the designer – Chhapa by Peacocks In The Rain

Meet the designer – Chhapa by Peacocks In The Rain

  • by Shital Patel

Meet the designer – Chhapa

Ahmedabad in many respects is a city in contrasts and contradictions. The spectacular architectural heritage set in the old quarters of the city where even today merchants and skilled craft persons live in quaint houses with carved wooden entrances that are characteristic of the pols the quarters located in the winding lanes and alleys interspersed with chowks . On the other hand the new city of Ahmedabad is a bustling commercial and industrial area that was once famous for its history of commerce in textiles and textile manufacturing and processing industries.

Today it is renowned for its institutions of culture, heritage and education such as Calico museum of textiles , the Shreyas Folk Museum and The Gandhi Ashram on the banks of Sabarmati.

Chhapa based in Ahmedabad is one such brand which is creating beautiful environment conscious clothing. Their prints are as unique as their styles.

Chhapa team  a family of four with two leading ladies and the men of their life as backbones . Shipa is the brain child and creative mind of Chhapa . Shital (her sister in law)  executes and handles production side of things. Hardik ( Shipa’s husband) and Bimal ( her brother ) help them a little with business development and social media promotions.

“Shipa  always wanted to make her own cloths using block printing technique so she started this as a vocation then we thought of taking it to next level and the main driver behind it was to create envirionment friendly & socially responsible style statement and in turn contribute a little part towards conscious fashion ” – Hardik

The team loves  western and Indian ethinic wear with a little twist of Chhapa ! They focus  on pure cotton and handloom cotton in Textiles.
Here is how the beautiful Chhapa clothes are made :
– First the team finalizes the design for the blocks and  then get it manufactured by the artisans
– Second step is to get them dyed and printed at local artisans of Gujarat and Rajasthan.  Chhapa only uses natural dyes for dying and printing purposes
– Third comes to designing of garments and get the sampling done through the master tailor
– After getting final cut  they get bulk garments made
– In this little effort Chhapa is  working with 20 people which includes artisans and tailors
Future plans for Chhapa …

Team is planning to open their own retail store , enlarge footprint in major cities across India, experiment block printing with different textiles and introduce a range of home decor  as product lines

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You can purchase Chhapa at :
O.M.O – Mumbai & Goa ,
Maalgadi  – Surat
Bliss- Mumbai
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