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"The process of hand-weaving and natural dying with hand block
printing is like beautiful poetry which origins from small but mighty thought, shape itself during it and finally results in merely magical creation."

Chhapa is a team of four spirited and culturally inspired individuals, on a quest to bring back the profound art of block printing. 

Shipa, our founder and head-designer, stumbled upon the art during her college years when she was studying to be an Interior Designer when she visited a small town near her village in Gujarat, called Deesa. The creative fanatic that she is, she took some samples back home and just like that, Chhapa was born. One visit to the art district is what it took for our founder to find her calling - rejuvenating the art of block prints in India! Since then, it has been a long hustle of getting thoroughly skilled artisans on board, brainstorming designs and running between towns and cities to get them just right. With family members Hardik, Bimal and Shital coming on board with exciting ideas, knowledge, skills and experience, Chhapa became unstoppable. 

Our mission is to make the traditional block printing popular again, especially among the youth. Most designs are inspired by the idea that it must connect with the young & wild & free of the country! We do this while taking the utmost care of our planet by using sustainable and hand-woven fabrics, pure cotton, dyes and transparent, ethical production processes. 

"Chhapa" means to leave a stamp or an imprint in Gujarati, which is precisely what we are trying to do. With Chhapa, we aim at elevating the traditional art form and conscious fashion, creating an impact on the lives of our artisans, customers and mother earth.

Our products are hand made with a lot of love.

We hope you like them.

Happy Shopping!

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