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What My Sister Wore

What My Sister Wore

  • by Shital Patel


Hey there lovely people! This week we celebrate prints but in a super desi way – CHHAPA is in the house!!!!  

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“The process of hand weaving is like a beautiful poetry which origins from small but mighty thought, shape itself during it and finally results into merely magical creation.Hand Weaving is a traditional skill passed down through generations which are on the edge of endangering due to brain drain. It is imperative not only preserve this unmatched crafting skill but also requires the medium through which it can be transferred to next generation.”

We love this brand for so many reasons and can’t wait to share it with you!The most surprising part – Chhapa is a team of non-designers which is hard to believe once you see what they have in store! It started off with a spark of interest and an avocation which eventually turned into their happy place! Secondly, their small effort is contributing in a big way for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production & design.

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The best part of blogging is the excitement to see what the brand sends for you!
Packed with lots of love and colors, we received a bag full of Chhapa clothes. The fabric was soft and the prints were super duper quirky!

Presenting one of the cutest, colorful and super trendy looks styled by my sister shot by Krishanu, Kavita and Shoiebh. 

Look 1: Because we love stripes!


Look 2 – Asymmetry – Maybe that’s what counts for perfection at times! 


Look 3 – Scarf or jacket – What’s your way to wear this one?


Look 4 – Sadak Chaap, Chhapa Style -pick your favorite! 





Look  5 – Love for cat prints and yellow!!!


Photographer – Cuteness Overload – Our feature model – Kavita in a Chhapa dupatta!  


I am sure till now, you must have found your favourite piece of Chhapa!!!  But there is much more in the store and you have to..have to..have to check it out!!!!!!  


Sharing the link here, so go crazy  –

Drool over the collection just the way we do and let us know what you loved the most! They have a lot more than, books and what not!!! Dont stop till you drop! 

Thank You What My Sister Wore for featuring us :) :): )

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