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In today’s fast paced world where textiles are printed using high-end machines, our ideology is to rejuvenate and encourage the art of block printing which looks endangered in the present-day of fashion scenario.

         “The process of hand weaving and natural dying with hand block printing is like a beautiful poetry which origins from small but mighty thought,shape itself during it and finally results into merely magical creation.Hand Weaving is a traditional skill passed down through generations which are on the edge of endangering due to brain drain. It is imperative not only preserve this unmatched crafting skill but also require the medium through which it can be transferred to next generation.”

Our designs that are modern, casual and contemporary contrary to traditional block prints has given new dimension to connect with the youth and bringing in the quirkiness and at the same time  same roots of the block printing.Product range from Pure cotton and hand-woven (Khadi) dyed with natural colors is a step towards being Socially Responsible by producing Eco-Friendly clothing in turn to be able to spread awareness about conscious fashion among fast fashion savvy generation.

We are a small young enthusiastic team at CHHAPA that does not come from a designing background as such. pleasantly surprised...!!!
Yes we started of with this venture as an avocation and eventually found the pursuit of happiness to contribute our little part towards Conscious Fashion.

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